Service Terms and Conditions

The content of this page is extracted from the Wifirental’s Service Agreement (Lease Contract of Wireless Mobile Internet Access Point General Terms and Conditions), which you can also download at anytime as PDF document: Wifirental Lease Customer Contract.

Service offer.

Wifirental ® is a mercantile company domiciled in Mallorca and duly registered in accordance with the applicable laws of the Kingdom of Spain. One of its commercial activities consists in leasing to third parties wireless mobile Internet access points which allow the said third parties the use of mobile telephony networks for Internet access, provided they are located in Spanish territory.

Confidentiality policies. Treatment of personal details.

We comply with legal regulations which bind us to get and keep some personal details of customers ordering and using the kind of telecommunications service we offer.  We never sell neither share customer contact details with third parties. Please refer to Wifirental Privacy Policy for more information.

Acceptable use and custody of the equipment.

The user is responsible of the good use and custody of the equipment received and commits to its proper use and care. The user shall use the mobile access point in a diligent manner and shall abstain from carrying out, either actively or passively, any activities which may be considered to be illegal or to cause any type of harm to third parties, especially to the intellectual property or the good reputation of third parties, and abstaining from carrying out any activity which may be classified as an offence in the Spanish Penal Code currently in force. In the event that Wifirental receives notifications indicating that the user could be acting in breach of this stipulation, it will proceed immediately and without prior notice to suspend the service and demand the return of the mobile access point.

Payment, charges and deposit.

The customer will pay, always in advance, a rental charge as specified in the Order Voucher and throughout the booking process. Before proceeding to the payment screen, he or she will be able to check the order and payment details.

After successful placing the order and paying, the customer will receive a copy of the Order Voucher along with the complete Term & Conditions document in his or her email address. This is the legal receipt of the services contracted and the amount paid. In the event that the customer has entered his or her billing details in the booking form, Wifirental will send a legal invoice document in pdf format to the customer’s email address. Invoicing is done once a month and sent over to customers before ending of the next month.

Along with the service charges for the booked rental period, when the user places an order or collects the leased hardware, a charge is made to his/her credit card as guarantee of the return of the equipment and all of its elements in the same conditions in which the user received them. This charge may be substituted at Wifirental’s sole discretion by asking the customer to accept future charges into their credit or debit card if any of the following conditions apply:

  • Complete loss or sever damage of the device and its accessories.
  • Failure to returning any of the parts that conform the Wifirental’s kit leased.
  • Delaying in returning the equipment.
  • Using a different method for returning the equipment that the one agreed when placing the order.
  • Returning a non-functioning or malfunctioning equipment or accessories.
  • Consumption of data traffic that exceeds the contracted allocation.
  • Breach of the agreement and specially of the acceptable use regulations.

The deposit shall be cancelled at the moment when the equipment is returned, after checking that the device has not suffered any damage or harm whatsoever and the effective amount of data traffic consumed during the rental period.

In the event that the equipment is not returned or has suffered any deterioration, the customer’s credit or debit card may be charged or the amount deposited may be applied in whole or in part to compensating Wifirental for the damages caused.

To this extent, a fee equivalent to the deposit amount will be levied upon the Customer in the event of complete loss or severe damage of the leased hardware.

For small damages, non-or-malfunctioning parts or partial losses the following compensating fees (tax included) will apply:

  • Lost or non-functioning wifi router: full deposit amount;
  • Wall charger 35€, car charger 35€, USB-microUSB cable 25€;
  • Carrying bag 15€;
  • SIM card 35€, Battery 35€;
  • Cosmetic damages 35€.

Wifirental will not accept replacement devices as a substitute for any of these fees.

The data traffic in excess consumed by the customer may be billed at the price of 8.27 € (10.00 € tax included) per GB or fraction. The amount for the data traffic in excess of the contracted allocation will also be charged to the credit/debit card of the customer or otherwise deducted from the aforementioned deposit.

The deposit will be refunded in full or partially (subject to deductions specified above) after examination by Wifirental and within a maximum of five (5) business days from device reception at the Wifirental premises.

Penalties and refund policy.

In such cases in which the user makes a reservation for the equipment but fails to collect it due to “no-show,” or if he/she cancels this contract with less than 48 hours’ prior notice from the agreed collection date, Wifirental may withhold amounts as penalty on the basis of the following table:

  • Cancellation with 48 hours’ prior notice: – 0% penalty
  • Cancellation with 24 hours’ prior notice: – 50% penalty on the amount paid
  • No-show for collection: complete withholding of the amount paid.

If the user experience any problem or hassle with using the device, he or she must notify Wifirental immediately within the rental period in order to qualify for any possible refund or discount. The right to dispute the rental charge will be waived if otherwise. Any refund or discount is provided solely at Wifirental’s discretion.

In the event that the user returns the device to Wifirental or requests a cancellation after the starting date and before the expiry of the rental period or any extended rental period(s), any sum (rental charge) paid will not be refundable.

Limit of liability. Malfunctioning or damaged device.

Wifirental warrants that the device and its accessories are in good working order and condition when delivered to the Customer. Nonetheless, Wifirental cannot be responsible for the performance of the device or the operation of the network to which the router is connected.

The user acknowledges that services may be temporarily interrupted, delayed, or otherwise limited due to a variety of causes, including but not without limitation to mobile network and atmospheric conditions, system capacity limitations, mobile network coverage and signal strength, location and placement, device failure or exhausting the data traffic allocation or SIM capacity.

The user acknowledges that failing to connect or slow down connections due to reaching the data traffic allocation or exhausted the SIM capacity does not constitute by any means a service failure or malfunctioning device.

If the device malfunctions, the user will notify Wifirental immediately. In that event, Wifirental, upon receipt of notification by the customer, will make every reasonable effort to provide the user with a replacement device or part as soon as possible, provided that he or she is not in breach of its agreement with Wifirental.

If replacing the equipment is not possible, Wifirental shall refund the customer the price for the unused days, after the device is sent back to Wifirental and technical examination done by Wifirental’s personnel concludes that the device fails or the hardware is indeed defective.

Change log

June 15th, 2015: Terms & Conditions updated.
August 7th, 2016: Terms & Conditions updated.