Since we at Wifirental® rent pocket-sized mobile wifi routers equipped with a broadband internet connection to foreign people visiting Spain, this is a question that we keep answering to prospecting customers every once and then.

The fact is that everybody uses internet in a different way. And don’t forget that we are talking about mobile internet and that you will be abroad so your needs may be quite different of what you’re used to. Maybe you are on trip alone, or traveling with your couple -even with some kids or teenagers-, or perhaps enjoying your holidays with a group of friends. All these possible situations have an impact on how you will be using the mobile internet access.

For instance, Wifirental’s basic plan has 2 GB per week traffic allowance included in price.

So following you will learn what these…

2 GB accounts for:

  • 17 hours of YouTube video playing, or
  • 2 hours of HD video streaming (Hulu, Netflix…), or
  • 27 hours of digital music streaming (Pandora, Spotify…) at best quality, or
  • 46 hours of audio streaming (podcast), or
  • 125 hours of online gaming, or
  • 2.000 webpages surfing, or
  • 650 images uploading/downloading, or
  • 200 emails with 5MB attachments, or
  • 40.000 IM messages (Whatsapp, line…), or
  • 60 hours of VoIP (Skype) audio conferencing, or
  • 10 hours of Skype video conferencing.

Note: The examples are intended to be used as guidelines only. Please note that actual file sizes and data usage will vary. 1 Gigabyte (GB) equals to 1024 Megabytes (MB).

How we estimate data usage?

  • One web page visit = 0.9 MB
  • One email (text only) = 0.35 MB
  • One email (with a 5 MB attachment) = 10 MB
  • One photo good quality (uploaded or downloaded) = 3 MB
  • One song (iTunes, Amazon mp3 store, Play…) = 5.7 MB
  • One IM -Instant Message- (100 characters) = 0.050 MB
  • One hour of streaming audio (podcast quality) = 43.2 MB
  • One hour of HD streaming audio (Pandora, Spotify) = 72 MB
  • One hour of YouTube video streaming120 MB
  • One hour of HD movie streaming video services (Hulu, Netflix…) = 1.000 MB
  • One hour of voice-only conferencing (Skype) = 30 MB
  • One hour of voice/video conferencing (Skype) = 204 MB
  • One hour of online gaming16 MB

So, how many gigs is enough?

There is no rule of thumb and you have to decide for your own. The point is that we have seen some customers exhausting more than 30 GB in a week while others roughly used 2 GB in the same period.

For instance, our observations tell to little surprise that kids and adolescents are heavy internet users. If you travel in family with teens look out and consider ordering a premium plan with plenty of internet traffic included like Wifirental Business Plan. Another scenario where a premium plan usually pays off is when you need the internet connection to do some serious work.

Incidentally, today most of spanish (and european) mobile operators offer just 500 MB to 1 GB per month internet data traffic. But remember that being abroad, you will possibly be using your mobile internet a lot more than in your country.

Wifirental’s point

Being passionate about staying connected anytime and everywhere but also money-conscious, we do not overcharge the price of the extra gigs that our customers may consume, while also setting a limit on how many total gigs can be consumed in the rental period to prevent shocking bills. This way we encourage using internet without worries, as if you were at home.

Should you need some help choosing the right Wifirental plan for your needs please don’t hesitate asking.

Image credits: “Weighing Scale – തുലാസ് 03” by കാക്കരOwn work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.