Mobility data usage when traveling

Anyone who are traveling and relies on personal mobile devices like smartphones or tablets sooner or later faces issues with data usage on the online network services they subscribe to. We at Wifirental® believe that when someone is traveling abroad, it needs and deserve a fast mobile internet connection with plenty of traffic included. That’s why we double traffic allowance compared to any competition’s offer.

  • Economy Plan: 2 GB per week at maximum download speed of 21 Mbps.
  • Business Plan: 4 GB per week at maximum download speed of 42 Mbps.

Data plans should be flexible

We dislike those plans that sets a daily amount of traffic and when exhausted the connection slows down to GPRS unbearable speeds (384 Kbps.) until the next day. For instance, that way you just can’t play a film or enjoy other full-length HD video contents. That’s why our plans doesn’t impose any limitation on how and when you consume the internet traffic, being all the very first day or done at a steady pace.

How much should it cost every extra gig?

We think that the best way to encourage using mobile internet abroad the same as when at home is setting fair prices even for extras. But not everybody thinks the same. In fact, most mobile companies and competition charge what we think are excessive amounts of money for these extra gigs. We only charge 8.26 € per extra GB (10 € tax included).

How Wifirental meters client’s data usage?

Every pocket-wifi router has its internal data usage counter. We reset the usage statistics before shipping any Wifirental kit. Besides that, when preparing the kit for delivery, information about the consumed and available traffic allocation of the SIM card inside the equipment is obtained and saved. Furthermore, depending on the mobile network the mobile router is configured to connect to, we have different means of checking the effective data consumption. Some of them cannot be done unless we physically have access to the router (so they are conducted when the equipment is checked after the returning), while others are cloud-based real-time accounting and monitoring tools that gives our technical people timely information and complete control over every client’s service.

Although we are working to make the data usage available to you through our website, an IM or SMS message delivered to your mobile phone, and the Wifirental future mobile app, unfortunately, none of these tools are ready now.

Data monitoring apps

In the meantime, since data usage can quickly grow out of control and exceed the allocation if not properly managed, we recommend you to install some third-party app designed to track usage of  Wifi (and 3G/4G cellular data) in every device you bring with you: laptop, smartphone and tablet. Because these apps run on the client side, their measurements may not exactly match those of ours (but are typically close enough to be useful.) When accessing the internet from multiple devices, note that each client must be tracked individually and their usages summed together to give the complete picture of network utilization.

Most are inexpensive, others are free or have a lite version. Here you have some alternatives:

There are a lot of interesting and informative resources about “data monitoring apps” out there. Just do some googling.

If you own an iPhone or iPad and don’t want to install any app for monitoring your data and if accuracy is not important, you could use the existing data usage information feature that is found on your iOS device. To access it, go to Settings > General > Usage. Remember to tap on “Reset Statistics”.

Besides its Economy and Business plans, Wifirental® also offer special plans through our partner channel for selected hotels and yacht charter companies. Furthermore, we have special prices and conditions for long-term rentals starting at 1 month.

If you are interested in Wifirental’s special plans, please complete the following form and we will send you further information.