Most mobile companies offers their clients some kind of roaming plan; but look out! You sign up confidently thinking that you will enjoy internet to go the same as in your country, right? Wrong! the truth is that these plans simply don’t fit independently of price because of the low amount of internet traffic included. And you end up paying much more than you thought for a not-so-great service.

Take for instance Deutsche Telekom’s T-Mobile Travel & Surf summer 2013-2014 data roaming deal. Their Weekpass gave you 150 MB for € 14.95 the first 150 MB being free, so you get 300 MB for € 14.95 (4.98 cents per MB). Alternatively, Wifirental’s basic service offers 2048 MB a week per € 39.90, that’s 1.95 cents per MB compared with the 4.98 cents per MB of the T-Mobile roaming plan.

Wifirental® offers the solution for those traveling to Spain and who don’t want to yield on their internet connection, for those who don’t want to speculate with how much their phone company is going to charge.

For  information on how many GB of internet-to-go traffic do somebody needs when traveling read our post.

Image credits: “Kuniyoshi Utagawa, Sceleton“. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

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