We at Wifirental® believe that when someone is traveling abroad, he or she needs and deserves a fast mobile internet connection with plenty of traffic included. That’s why we double traffic allowance compared to most competition’s offer.

  • Economy Class: 2 GB per week at maximum download speed of 21 Mbps.
  • Business Class: 4 GB per week at maximum download speed of 42 Mbps.

If you wonder what can be done with 2 GB or 4GB of internet traffic, please take a look at How many gigs of internet traffic do I need? post.

Data plans should be flexible

We dislike those plans that sets a daily amount of traffic and when exhausted the connection slows down to GPRS unbearable speeds (384 Kbps.) until the next day. For instance, that way you just can’t enjoy a regular 120 minutes film or play other full-length HD video contents. That’s why our plans doesn’t impose any limitation on how and when you consume the internet traffic allocation, being all the very first day or done at a steady pace.

Extra gigabytes shouldn’t be expensive

We think that the best way to encourage using mobile internet abroad the same as when at home is setting fair prices even for extras. But not everybody thinks the same. In fact, most mobile companies and competition charge what we think are excessive amounts of money for these extra gigs. We only charge 8.27 € (10 € tax included) per extra GB.