#1 Benefit: Feel at home when traveling

For those who need to send an email, for those who want to access touristic content, for those looking for a restaurant, for those who want to update their social networks, for those who want to share their pictures, for those who need to upload or download a document… Nowadays, we all are used to being connected. Anytime anywhere. But when it comes to holiday abroad… You’d better disconnect your data roaming or be prepared for a shocking bill.

Tourists and  business people visiting Spain: Don’t give up! Keep using mobile internet as you are used to: Social networks, e-mail, news, TV and music streaming, VoIP conference…  You can now safely disconnect data roaming and connect to Wifirental® wifi to go service to enjoy the experience of feeling at home when traveling.

#2 Benefit: Feel like a local even with your mobile internet connection

We want you to feel like a local. And that includes your internet on the go connection. Forget about data roaming charges and shocking bills. Forget about those toy plans that count the traffic allowance in Megabytes instead of Gigabytes and access all the online services you need, just like locals do.

Wifirental® offers the best wifi to go plan for foreign travelers in Spain.

#3 Benefit: Privacy and security

Free Wifi hotspots can be dangerous. Your PC, tablet or smartphone might be exposed to hackers. Information transmitted over Wi-Fi networks can be sniffed and stolen if someone has the proper software and equipment. Users looking for a free wifi hotspot might be lead to a fake network and connect to hacker’s networks, making all your moves exposed. Sending sensitive information (passwords) over a public wifi could be like yelling them in public. You never know who might use it.

Wifirental® mobile pocket routers send out a security WPA2 protected WiFi signal for your personal use (up to 8 people or wifi-enabled devices). So, why would you look for free hotspots when you can play it safe? If you care about security and privacy, book our at Wifirental®.

#4 Benefit: Take internet with you

Sure, probably the hotel you’re staying has some kind of internet connection, even Wi-Fi, even in the rooms or over the swimming pool… But with a mobile wifi pocket router you won’t have to leave your connection in the hotel room.

Take Internet with you! To the beach, to the mountain, in the city or on the road… Golfing, hiking, cycling, running, walking… you set the limits (but don’t take it swimming, please).

#5 Benefit: Faster than most hotel’s wifi networks

Nowadays hotels provide Wifi connection in the hall and common areas and even in rooms. Unfortunately, some of us has experienced poor performance from the hotel’s internet connection: maybe the room was far from the wifi hotspot, but you should know that most spanish hotels has a symmetric 6 Mbps internet DSL connection that will be shared by all customers.

Wifirental® plans include a mobile pocket router capable of delivering a WAN connection at the maximum speed of  21 Mbps (or up to 42 Mbps contracting a premium plan) for your own personal wifi network. Sure, you may take into account that being a 3.75G mobile broadband access, the actual bandwidth it will depend on the coverage of the mobile telephony operator in the geographic area and the network conditions at the moment. Nonetheless, we have in-field measures of 28 Mbps and 6 to 12 Mbps are not unusual in cities, main roads, touristic spots, even in small towns and the mediterranean offshore.

#6 Benefit: There are some places where you won’t find an internet connection

Maybe you rented a holiday apartment or a lovely villa in the countryside, perhaps you chartered a boat and enjoy sailing around the Balearic Islands or for instance you enjoy caravanning. In some cases you won’t have a working internet connection in these homes, boats or caravans.

Wifirental® has signed preferential agreements with spanish top mobile operator companies: Telefonica Movistar and Vodafone. Their 3G/4G networks are the most advanced and reliable everywhere in Spain. Moreover, Movistar also have the widest geographic coverage, reaching some places where its the only one 3G network available. By example, coasting the Balearic Islands with a yacht is one of this scenarios when you will benefit from Movistar extended coverage.